13 October 2016


Look at how big this butterfly is! It's the biggest one I've seen in my life. I don't have many words.

Today this guy was spotted at work. He was having trouble flying and attached himself to Sanae's pants for a little while.

A coworker educated me on the word "kipepeo," which is Swahili for "butterfly." I think it's cool that it literally translates to something like "that which flaps." ("Kupepea" is the verb meaning "to flap" or "to fan.")

This butterfly's visit illustrates one of my favorite things about Sikubora's location out of town near Kisongo--the fauna of the area. A few species of birds like to chirp around in the trees by the office. Even chickens poke their heads around looking for food. There are also multiple trains of livestock herded across the storefront daily, and these include mostly cows, goats, and sheep. It's fun to be able to look outside the office window every now and then to watch the animals going about their daily business as we go about our own.

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