10 December 2016

Tangazo, Karibu na Mwisho

It's the end of the semester, but I'm still in Tanzania!

The coming week is my last week of working at Sikubora. I have a lot to wrap up there! After that, my mom and sister are traveling to Arusha to visit. We're going on a short safari to Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater, and then we're spending Christmas in Zanzibar. After that, I'll have to say goodbye to this wonderful experience.

It's hard to accept that these are my last few weeks here. This month so far has been spent trying to cross items of my Arusha bucket list. I checked out a few restaurants and shops, I brought kitenge fabric to fundis to make custom clothing, I went to Nairobi for another ultimate frisbee tournament, and I joined on another Sikubora installation out in a Maasai village.

With a few more items still on my to-do list, and a set of adventures planned with my family, I plan to continue blogging until I've returned to America. Stay tuned for pictures of wild animals and beaches!

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