07 January 2017

The End

I recently got back to the States, and after unpacking my suitcases and organizing my life, I've finally had the chance to sit down, reflect, and write a final post about my experience in East Africa. At this point, it feels that I'm already truly reminiscing about an experience far behind me. The harsh weather and expensive prices have slapped me rudely awake into my native environment, intensifying the contrast and distance between Boston and Arusha. I forgot how many kinds of cheese are available to me here, as well as the limited kinds of fresh produce available. The two environments I've lived in are indeed dissimilar. With that reflection, I offer you the tale of my last week in Tanzania.

Family Arrival

A week before my departure from Kilimanjaro International Airport, I traveled an hour to said airport to pick up my mom and sister, who came to share some adventures and join me on the journey back to Boston. Here was our schedule.

12/19: family arrives late at night at KIA
12/20: explore Arusha
12/21: depart for Safari, arrive at Ngorongoro Crater
12/22: arrive at Serengeti National Park
12/24: fly from an airstrip in Serengeti to Zanzibar
12/26: return to Arusha
12/27: head back to KIA and depart for the US!

Now that the schedule is known, it seems pointless to waste space with words when I can simply share our journey in pictures.




And that was it! I spent one more day in Arusha saying final goodbyes and preparing myself for cold weather. My experience in Tanzania was life-changing and unforgettable, and I couldn't trade it for any other experience. I feel compelled to return one day, so we'll see what the future has in store.

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